Retired Maryland lottery winner says $300k jackpot will go to paying off mortgage

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Canvas money bag spilling over with cold hard cash!

A man who bought multiple lottery tickets with the same number will now have $300,000 to pay off his mortgage.

According to the Maryland Lottery, the lucky winner from Prince George’s County. A day earlier, he had played his numbers 20 times and lost.

The next day, he played the same number, which was a combination of important personal digits, on all six $1 straight wagers. He then left Express Mart in Bowie to run errands. Sometime after the drawing, he was sitting in his vehicle when he decided to check the winning numbers.

“I said, ‘Oh my God,’” the grandfather of three recalls. He then phoned his wife, who was in her car in a parking lot waiting to pick up the grandkids. The Mitchellville couple reunited at home to review the winning number — 42188 — and the tickets. “I said, ‘Who’s the man now!’” the husband joked to his wife, who laughed and said she can no longer say, “What are you good for” since he’s good for $300,000!

They plan to pay off their home mortgage with the winnings and put the rest of the windfall into the bank.

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