NJEA loses censorship fight to silence GOP ad criticizing union’s radical agenda

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Clip from NJGOP parody ad criticizing and mocking the NJEA.
Clip from NJGOP parody ad criticizing and mocking the NJEA.

The New Jersey Education Association lost a battle against the New Jersey GOP to silence and censor opposition to their declaration that parents concerned about their radical agenda are ‘extremists’.

The New Jersey Republican Assembly Office today said YouTube restored their parody video against the NJEA that mocks the overreaching union.

“If the NJEA was honest in its commercials,” the Assembly Republican Office’s parody ad, was released on YouTube on Aug. 24 and removed by the platform a day later following a complaint from the NJEA.

“Instead of being willing to have a conversation, the NJEA would rather completely shut down people who are concerned or disagree. This is why parents are so irate. The NJEA pushes controversial policies and ideology on our children and when there is push back, they bring out the censorship police,” Assembly Republican Leader John DiMaio (R-Warren) said when the video was taken down in August.

The Assembly Republicans submitted a legal counter to the NJEA’s copyright claim. After a two-month review, YouTube released the video and removed the copyright strike against the @NJAssemblyGOP channel that has doubled its subscribers since August – largely attributed to content opposing Democrat gun control policies.