Police respond after pic of Airsoft guns, candy show up in Brick middle school Snapchat

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Brick Township Police Department - FIle Photo
Brick Township Police Department - FIle Photo

BRICK TOWNSHIP, NJ – Brick Township police responded after a Snapchat photo of a Veterans Memorial Middle School Student was shared that showed Smarties candies and Airsoft guns.

Police investigated the Sunday post, where one student sent the photo to other students. Police located the student and determined the weapons in the photo were not real firearms but Airsoft guns.

Those guns were seized by police officers.

“There is no credible threat at this time,” the department said today.

“Brick police and Brick Schools are committed to the safety and well-being of all of our students, staff, parents and community,” The Brick Police Department and Brick Township School District said in a joint statement on Monday. “We are always treat such threats seriously.”

The township encourages anyone who sees or hears suspicious activity to report it to the police department or school officials.

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Under New Jersey law, bb guns and airsoft guns are classified as firearms since the Graves Act of 2008.