Biden’s Newest Conservation Push Could Undermine His Green Agenda

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U.S. President Joe Biden holds White House news conference to discuss the 2022 midterm election results in Washington

Biden’s Newest Conservation Push Could Undermine His Green Agenda

Jack McEvoy on November 30, 2022

President Joe Biden will create a new national monument in Nevada that would make nearly 500,000 acres of land off-limits to economic development, even though the move will cut off green energy projects’ access to key electricity transmission lines, according to The Washington Post.

Biden is scheduled to designate Nevada’s Avi Kwa Ame area as a national monument on Wednesday in order to honor the Native American Mojave people and create 450,000 acres of federally protected land under the 1906 Antiquities Act, the Post reported, citing a senior administration official. However, the president’s move will cut off wind and solar companies’ access to crucial transmission lines that are needed to carry electricity to urban areas, undermining his pledge to rapidly expand green energy infrastructure.

Solar energy executive at Avantus Frank DeRosa asked the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management to adjust the monument’s area to allow green energy producers to access power lines, the Post reported. DeRosa said that he supports the monument and stated that his proposal will not leave any “cultural and environmentally sensitive areas” unprotected.

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In 2002, Congress also designated 33,000 acres of land surrounding the Avi Kwa Ame mountain, located near the southern tip of Nevada, as “wilderness,” banning any development in the region, according to the Post. The Biden administration will invest billions of taxpayer money to fund green energy projects and meet international climate targets.

The Mojave Desert has numerous solar and wind farms due to the region’s year-round abundance of wind and sunshine, according to the Post. Roughly 16.8 million acres of Nevada land are ripe for wind energy projects and more than 9 million acres could be used for massive solar developments.

Additionally, the region contains numerous deposits of critical minerals that are needed to create batteries to power electric vehicles and store electricity created by renewables.

The White House and Bureau of Land Management did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

Biden’s Newest Conservation Push Could Undermine His Green Agenda

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