Gun owners to protest Ocean County’s slow response to conceal carry permits

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Ocean County Courthouse
Ocean County Courthouse

TOMS RIVER. NJ – A protest by legal gun owners being ignored and mistreated by the Ocean County response to conceal carry permits are planning to protest in front of the Ocean County Courthouse in Downtown Toms River on Friday, December 9th.

According to a posting in the New Jersey Firearms Owners Syndicate, a group on Facebook, a peaceful protest is being held starting at 10 am to protest the county court system’s feet dragging in approving conceal carry permits, a constitutional right that was reaffirmed in a recent Supreme Court ruling in New York State. The group shared the event, which it is not hosting.

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The event is being organized by Michael Glenn.

“Local gun owners are organizing a protest in light of Ocean County’s slow processing and inconsistent processing of applications,” said Dylan Arlaus.

Gun owners in Ocean County have been complaining for months that they believe county judges and court officials are intentionally interfering with the concealed carry permit process.

The administration of Governor Phil Murphy and New Jersey Democrats are also trying to interfere in the legal right to conceal carry in New Jersey by pushing legislation that makes carrying a gun illegal in most public and private settings.