NYC Mayor Adams tackles the growing problem of diversity and equity within the FDNY

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FDNY firefighters - Photo by Palinchak
FDNY firefighters - Photo by Palinchak

NEW YORK, NY – With crime rising across New York City, Mayor Eric Adams is tackling the problem.

The problem of inequity and diversity within the New York City Fire Department. On Tuesday, Adams announced five new bills that will address diversity within the city’s fire department.

New York City is a changing city, led now by the progressive wing of the Democrat party. Now, New York City firefighters will be forced to undergo diversity and ant-harassment training under five bills signed into law by the Mayor.

“Our city is changing, and our city is evolving for the better,” Adams said. “Through a change of time, we’re allowed to open doors to all groups and produce a better product.”

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These bills will seek to bolster the FDNY’s recruitment of underrepresented groups, focus on retention of firefighters currently employed within those underrepresented groups, and require all firefighters to undergo diversity, inclusion, anti-discrimination, and anti-harassment training.

“We’ll continue to promote diversity inside the FDNY,” Adams continued. “We’re excited about each step we take towards diversity. It makes us better as a city. It makes us better to do our jobs as first responders.”