NYPD suspects bat attacker targeted victim

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Man attacked with bat in New York City.
Man attacked with bat in New York City.

NEW YORK – In what appeared at first to be a random act of violence on the streets of New York City is now suspected by police to have been a targeted attack.

A 47-year-old man was approached from behind by a bat-wielding attacker in the area of 1770 Amsterdam Avenue in Hamilton Heights last Tuesday.

The suspect was seen on video pulling the bat out of his clothing and striking the victim once. He began to leave the scene but returned to the victim, yelling at him while he lay on the ground.

When he returned to the victim, the suspect appeared to kick the man while he was on the ground. The man suffered minor injuries, including a laceration and bruising. He was transported to NC Health Hospitals in Harlem. He was listed in stable condition.

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