Swedish prices have not risen more than motivated by costs, think tank says

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FILE PHOTO: A man sells vegetables at Kungsgatan market next to the Drottninggatan in Stockholm

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Swedish companies have not raised consumer prices by more than is motivated by the growing costs they face, a report published by the National Institute of Economic Research (NIER) said on Tuesday.

With inflation at 30-year highs this year, the previous government in August asked the think tank to look at whether companies were hiking prices more than was justified by higher energy and other costs.

“The main conclusion is that there are no clear indications that consumer prices (CPIF) have risen by more than can be motivated by increased production costs since the second quarter of 2021,” NIER said in a statement.

(Reporting by Simon Johnson and Niklas Pollard, editing by Anna Ringstrom)

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