Police investigating theft of deer carcass in Cecil County

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White-tailed deer buck
White-tailed deer buck

CECIL COUNTY, MD – Somebody stole a deer carcass from a Cecil County butcher shop last weekend and the Maryland Natural Resources Police is now investigating.

The deer was downed by a hunter, and now the butcher shop is offering a reward for information leading to its return or information regarding the suspects.

Do you know anyone in the area who suddenly has an extra deer in their possession? Let the MNRP know.

Around 6 pm on December 2, a hunter brought a white-tailed buck to Harmony Ridge Butcher Shop. According to store employees, the deer was last seen two hours after it was placed in the butcher shop’s refrigerated cold box. At 6 am the following morning, the employees noticed that the buck was missing. It was reported to police that they observed vehicle tracks near the cold box in which someone had backed up very close to the box over the course of the night.

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If you have any information regarding this case, please contact NRP Communications Center at 410-260-8888.