Joe Biden skips border visit as agent killed on duty, here’s what happened

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U.S. President Biden launches new plan against COVID-19, in Washington

U.S. President Joe Biden has not visited the troubled U.S. southern border since taking office and even though he visited Texas for politics this week, he did not visit the border.

Biden said he had better things to do than to visit the border. A border agent was killed on duty shortly after the president made that comment.

After much speculation, it has been confirmed that Joe Biden will not be visiting the US-Mexico border during his first trip as President. The decision not to visit the border is a stark contrast to previous presidents, who have used their first trips to showcase their administration’s commitment to tackling the issue of illegal immigration. For Biden, the decision not to visit the border may be a sign that he does not believe the issue is as pressing as it was during his campaign or that he wants to avoid being perceived as taking a hardline stance on immigration. ###

Agent killed in Texas

An agent with the U.S. Border Patrol was killed in the line of duty in Texas yesterday. The agent, whose name has not yet been released, was patrolling the border near Laredo when he was attacked by unknown assailants. He was rushed to a local hospital but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

“This is a tragic loss for the Border Patrol and for our country as a whole. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the agent’s family and friends during this difficult time,” an official said this week.

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What is he doing instead of visiting the border?

It’s unclear what Joe Biden is doing instead of visiting the border. He has not been to the border since he took office, and there’s no indication that he plans to visit anytime soon. This is in contrast to Trump, who made several trips to the border during his presidency.

How has this been received?

The President’s decision not to visit the border has been received with mixed reactions. Some believe that it is a wise decision given the current situation, while others feel that he is avoiding an important issue.

Those who support the President’s decision argue that there is no need for him to visit the border at this time. Biden officials say that President is focused on other issues that are more important right now, such as the economy and healthcare.

Critics of Biden’s decision say that he is avoiding the issue of immigration. They argue that the Vice President should be taking a more active role in finding a solution to the problem. They also believe that his lack of action on this issue shows that he does not care about those who are affected by it.

Joe Biden has said he will not visit the US-Mexico border during his first trip to Mexico as President. While some have praised the decision, others have criticized it, saying that he should see the situation there for himself.