Phil Murphy announces new inclusive, green energy industry initiative

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New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy wants his state to be known as the most inclusive and green state in America. Putting to bed New Jersey’s industrial past, where it was among the leader in the nation in the twentieth century in manufacturing and technology, the progressive Massachusetts native wants the state to be known as green…and inclusive.

Murphy is blowing a lot of hot air as he prepares for his massive off-shore wind generating facility and now he wants to staff the industry with diversity.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s Office of Climate Action and the Green Economy (OCAGE), in partnership with NJDEP, has released a Notice of Funds Availability (NOFA) to support innovative pilot programs that focus on creating a diverse, inclusive workforce in the green industry.

The NJ BRIDGE initiative offers a total of $5 million in support of scalable projects that assist residents in entering the green workforce or moving up the green career ladder, with an emphasis on engaging underserved communities. 

“My Administration is proud to provide crucial support for new and existing opportunities in the green jobs sector for all New Jerseyans, including members of overburdened communities who have disproportionately experienced climate impacts,” said Governor Murphy. “These significant funding commitments and interdepartmental synergies testify to our comprehensive, all-of-government approach to positioning New Jersey as a national leader in the green economy. As we work to protect our vulnerable communities from the effects of climate change, we will also ensure that they are equipped with the resources they need to reap the optimal benefits of our state’s transition to a 100% clean energy economy.”

The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) will begin accepting applications on December 8 for a competitive grant program aimed at assisting New Jerseyans in developing skills for careers in offshore wind. A grant challenge of $3.725 million will be offered to selected entities that will assist in launching or expanding workforce training and skills programs that will strengthen and diversify the offshore wind workforce in the state of New Jersey. 

By combining the OCAGE NOFA and the Grant Challenge, more than $8 million in funding will be made available for the development of a green economy that creates good-paying jobs and long-term career opportunities. 

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