RYAN WALTERS: We Are Fighting Back Against The Left’s Radical Education Agenda In Oklahoma. Here’s How

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RYAN WALTERS: We Are Fighting Back Against The Left’s Radical Education Agenda In Oklahoma. Here’s How

Ryan Walters on December 10, 2022

Despite Republicans securing a narrow majority in the House, Democrats have managed to maintain control of the Senate. To make matters worse, Joe Biden still sits in the White House where he can cram his radical education agenda down American parents’ throats across the country.

The tide is turning.

Oklahoma’s parents said “enough is enough,” and helped me crush my Democratic opposition in order to stop the left from indoctrinating our children in the classroom. I intend to take the fight to the left as the State Superintendent for Education.

The election night results speak for themselves. My Democratic opponent lost the race by a large margin. If that doesn’t say Oklahomans want a change, I don’t really know what does. Our state wants to send a message to Biden and his left-wing allies: “Oklahoma won’t go woke!”

Conservative states are fighting back against the radical Biden agenda and ensure that students receive an education that ensures students know American history without indoctrination, maximizes parental empowerment and provides transparency so that taxpayers can hold bureaucrats responsible for every dollar spent by our schools.

We are stopping Critical Race Theory from being taught, stopping access to obscene pornography in our schools, and ending the tenure of radicalism and indoctrination of our kids because the left is waging a civil war in the our classrooms. No child should be told that they are racist.

Kids should graduate knowing how our country was founded and what those foundational elements are because it opens their future to be actively involved long-term.

Increase teacher pay so we get highly qualified teachers who know how to teach. Fifty-one percent of every dollar in Oklahoma goes to administrative costs. Oklahoma has invested more than $1 billion in recurring revenue for schools in the last 10 years.

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That money has failed to reach the classroom and we must reverse that trend.

Decrease the bureaucracy by eliminating duplication and social-emotional learning that is the backbone of indoctrination. By holding administrators accountable we can return classroom teaching back to the basic fundamental needs that teach kids skill sets that prepare them for the workforce.

Every dollar should follow the kids. Parents should direct where their kids go to school. No exceptions. Empowering parents with choices and decisions is the only way to move Oklahoma from being bottom in education to leading the country in reform.

Radical change is the only way to move forward. We will not allow our kids to be collateral damage in this fight and we will not let the status quo be the standard for Oklahoma’s future.

The left has pushed for the most radical agenda we’ve ever seen.

We are fighting back, we will improve our kids’ education, and we will win this war.

Ryan Walters is the secretary of Education for Oklahoma. He is currently running for State Superintendent. 

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RYAN WALTERS: We Are Fighting Back Against The Left’s Radical Education Agenda In Oklahoma. Here’s How

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