Factbox-UK retailers raising staff pay amid cost-of-living crunch

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Lufthansa pilots on strike at Frankfurt airport

(Reuters) – Retailers in Britain are looking to increase pay and attract staff in a tight labour market, as workers are increasingly taking to strike action amid a cost-of-living crisis in the country.

Here are some pay rises and perks implemented by retailers operating in Britain as rising inflation rates hit 9.9% in August:


German-owned discount supermarket Lidl GB said on Sept. 22 it will from Oct. 1 pay workers outside of London a minimum of 10.90 pounds an hour, up from 10.10 pounds, and workers in London a minimum of 11.95 pounds, up from 11.30 pounds. Says annual rise is 10% to 14.5%.


Marks & Spencer said on Sept. 21 it would pay a minimum of 10.20 pounds, up from 10.00 pounds, from Oct. 1. Says annual rise is 7.4%.


Sainsbury’s said on Sept. 13 it will from Oct. 16 pay a minimum of 10.25 pounds, up from 10.00 pounds, and 11.30 pounds in London, up from 11.05 pounds. Says pay increase this year is 7.9%.

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Retailer Tesco in September started to offer better perks to its workers including free food and essentials.


British retailer John Lewis said on Aug. 31 it would recruit 10,000 Christmas staff at its department stores, Waitrose supermarkets and online operations, adding that all its workers would receive free meals in the period.


German-owned discount supermarket group Aldi UK said on July 25 it would pay a minimum of 10.50 pounds and 11.95 pounds in London – rises of 4% and 3.5% respectively – from September.


Morrisons on June 10 said it would pay a minimum of 10.20 pounds from October, with London workers paid a minimum of 11.05 pounds.

(Reporting by Sinchita Mitra in Bengaluru and James Davey in London; editing by David Evans)