Netflix to build a new movie studio at the Jersey Shore

Concept photo by Netflix
Concept photo by Netflix

EATONTOWN, NJ – Move over Hollywood, the future of filmmaking might be a massive new studio being proposed by Netflix at an abandoned U.S. Army base in New Jersey, just a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean.

Netflix, the revolutionary streaming service, has set its sights on Fort Monmouth, New Jersey for its next big project. In a move that could have huge implications for the local economy and film industry as a whole, Netflix is building a brand new studio at the former army base in Eatontown, New Jersey. This new development has sparked excitement from local businesses and residents alike who are eager to see what opportunities this will bring. 

The company will be paying $55 million for the 293 acre site.

Netflix is continuing its push into the world of film and television production with the announcement of a new studio at Fort Monmouth in New Jersey. The streaming giant has been investing heavily in original content over the past few years, and this latest move will allow it to produce even more high-quality programming.

“Our administration always knew NJ was a star—that’s why we worked so hard to build our entertainment industry from the ground up. Now, we are thrilled the former Fort Monmouth campus will officially be home to Netflix’s East Coast production facility,” Governor Phil Murphy said about the announcement.

The new studio will be located on the campus of the former army base, which is currently being redeveloped into a mixed-use community. Netflix has signed a long-term lease for the facility, which is expected to open in 2019.

The studio will be used for a variety of productions, including feature films, television series, and documentaries. Netflix plans to work with local talent and crew to make the most of the New Jersey location.

This is just the latest example of Netflix’s commitment to expanding its production capabilities. The company recently opened studios in Los Angeles and Canada, and it has plans to build more facilities around the world. With this new studio, Netflix will have even more resources to create the best possible content for its subscribers.

In Netflix’s ever-growing quest to produce original content, the company has announced that it will be building a new studio at Fort Monmouth in New Jersey. The move is part of Netflix’s recent push into the New York City market, which has seen the streaming giant lease office space in Brooklyn and set up shop in Queens.

“We are thrilled by the promise this Netflix project will deliver. Jobs and innovation are at the heart of this Netflix-New Jersey partnership, just as they were throughout Fort Monmouth’s rich history,” NJBIA President and CEO Michele Siekerka said. “Having previously served with FMERA, it is heartening to reimagine these buildings and the property as once again a hub of creativity, innovation, and cutting-edge technology — not to mention home to some of our favorite TV shows. It’s a great way to continue Fort Monmouth’s legacy”

The new studio at Fort Monmouth will be used to produce a variety of original programming for Netflix, including feature films, television series, and documentaries. With its close proximity to New York City, the studio will give Netflix even greater access to the talent pool in the area.

Netflix is no stranger to filming in New Jersey; the company shot its hit series Stranger Things in various locations around the state. It’s also worth noting that Fort Monmouth was used as a filming location for HBO’s Boardwalk Empire.

So far, there’s no word on when construction on the new studio will begin or when it will be operational. But with Netflix’s growing roster of original content, it’s likely that we’ll see more productions coming out of this new facility in the near future.

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The studio will be used to produce original content for Netflix, as well as to film and produce new shows for the streaming service. The facility will be overseen by Netflix vice president of content acquisition Ted Sarandos, and will be situated on the former site of the Fort Monmouth army base.

The decision to build the new studio at Fort Monmouth was made after a lengthy search process that considered locations both in New Jersey and elsewhere. The fort monmouth location offers a variety of benefits, including a large footprint that can accommodate multiple soundstages, easy access to New York City (where many of Netflix’s executives are based), and ample parking.

The new studio is just one part of Netflix’s ongoing expansion into original content production. The company has already committed to spending billions of dollars on original programming over the next few years, and has plans to release around 700 hours of original content in 2018 alone. With the addition of the new studio, Netflix will have even more capacity to produce the high-quality original programming that its subscribers have come to expect.

The studio will be staffed by local talent who are familiar with the area and the community. They will bring their experience and creativity to the Netflix team, and help create an enjoyable experience for our viewers.

Netflix’s decision to build a studio in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey is an exciting development for the region. It should bring many employment opportunities and other economic benefits to the area, as well as giving Netflix access to a prime filming location. We look forward to seeing what kinds of amazing productions are created at this new studio and how it further helps contribute to the renewal of Fort Monmouth.