Naked man hanging from elevated train tracks in the Bronx caught on video

NEW YORK, NY – Things are getting crazier by the day in New York City and many are blaming former Mayor Bill DeBlasio for the growing mental health crisis. DeBlasio’s wife, put in charge of handing the mental health crisis failed to accomplish her mission while her husband was in office.

Today, an example of that mental health crisis was on public display in the Bronx.

A naked man hanging and dangling from an elevated train platform in the Bronx was captured on video before falling to the ground.

The incident happened near the 6 train station at the intersection of Westchester and Metropolitan Avenues.

A short video of the incident was posted to Twitter. The man eventually lost his grip and fell to the ground some 20 or 30 feet below. He appeared to be injured but conscious.

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The man was taken to Jacobi Hospital for treatment. His condition is unknown at this time.