Steve Sweeney starts 2023 with a million dollars to defeat Ed Durr in November, or run for Governor

WENONAH, NJ – Former New Jersey State Senator and Democrat political powerbroker Steve Sweeney is not done yet. In 2021, he lost in an upset election to Conservative Republican Ed Durr.

Since his defeat, Sweeney has been politicking, planning his comeback for 2022. According to his last financial report filed with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission, Sweeney has a million-dollar war chest to start his return to office.

He even has a ‘company car’, purchased by the campaign he uses to drive around to campaign and political events across the state. He’s no longer a state senator, but not much has changed for Sweeney and his lifestyle.

He routinely uses his campaign account for meals, cell phone usage, fuel, and a $1,401.73 payment on a campaign vehicle.

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He’s also spending about a thousand dollars per month on dining out, hosting political meetings every couple of days, each week.

Sweeney said in a recent interview, he’s a ‘former’ legislator but that ‘former’ won’t be forever. He says he’s deciding on whether to run for his old seat, or even perhaps for governor in 2025.