Toms River family planning center receives state funding as demand increases in recent months

TOMS RIVER, NJ – A Toms River family planning center has received part of the state’s annual $10 million in funding this week. The funding comes as the state says public demand for family planning services is on the rise in New Jersey.

A declining economy, inflation, and job loss could be contributing factors, as demand has been increasing over the past six months, according to state officials.

On Wednesday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced the funding in an effort to “expand protections for and access to reproductive health care in New Jersey”.

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The center was one of eight statewide family planning operations to receive a share of the $10 million in ‘forgivable’ state loans.

“We must and will continue to take a comprehensive approach to making reproductive health care safe and accessible to all who need it in our state,” said Governor Murphy. “This is a matter of defending a fundamental right that remains under attack throughout our country. New Jersey will continue to serve as a safe haven for both providers and patients as we take additional steps to ensure protected, equitable access to this critical care.”

The program will run through June 30, 2023, and facilities will have 180 days after the close of the program period to submit final expenditure reports and perform any necessary and related close-out activities.

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“The New Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing Authority is proud to be working with the Department of Health to distribute the $10 million State appropriation in the form of forgivable loans to deserving family planning facilities and reproductive health care providers in the State,” said New Jersey Health Care Facilities Financing Authority Executive Director Mark E. Hopkins. “These facilities provide much needed services and have already reported a substantial increase in demand over the last six months.”

The Toms River location says it does not perform abortions and has never performed an abortion in its 40 year history.