Joe Concha Wonders If ‘Day One’ Of Hillary Clinton’s New Teaching Gig Will Be On ‘Election Denying’

Joe Concha Wonders If ‘Day One’ Of Hillary Clinton’s New Teaching Gig Will Be On ‘Election Denying’

Harold Hutchison on January 6, 2023

Fox News contributor Joe Concha questioned Friday if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s first day of class at Columbia University would have a lesson on denying an election.

“I wonder what’s on day one of the syllabus, right? Election denying?” Concha asked “Fox and Friends First” co-host Todd Piro. “Because she is the biggest election denier. Remember, after 2016 she called President Trump illegitimate.”

Clinton called Trump “an illegitimate president” during a 2019 interview on “60 Minutes” supporting Trump’s first impeachment over allegations Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate then-former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter. Clinton repeatedly claimed that the 2016 and 2000 elections were unfairly manipulated by Republicans.


Columbia announced Clinton, who lost the 2016 presidential election to former President Donald Trump, accepted a position as a “a faculty member at @ColumbiaSIPA and @Columbia World Projects” in a post on Twitter Thursday. Clinton will serve as a Professor of Practice at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) and a Presidential Fellow at Columbia Worlds Project (CWP), according to a Thursday release from Columbia.

“Perhaps she can teach a course in accepting responsibility, because remember, after the election she blamed everybody, including somehow Matt Lauer, for losing an election,” Concha continued. “Remember that guy? Maybe she can do a class on how to conduct a public therapy tour for six years, like she’s been on during this time.”

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Concha went on to discuss new professors at other Ivy League schools.

“This is what $80,000 a year gets you, by the way, for an Ivy League education. You either get Professor Clinton at Columbia, or if you go to Harvard, you get Professor Brian Stelter teaching you about media ethics, or Professor Bill De Blasio, who is teaching you how to run a city effectively,” Concha said. “I mean, these are the people we’re hiring. Again, $80,000 a year. Think about it when your kids go to school, that’s something like $300,000 just to send one kid, and these are the people teaching our children.”

Joe Concha Wonders If ‘Day One’ Of Hillary Clinton’s New Teaching Gig Will Be On ‘Election Denying’

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