Low-flying helicopter spotted in Toms River, What’s that all about?

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – A low-flying helicopter has been spotted and reported flying around the Toms River area today, leading to residents asking what is going on here.

The low-flying helicopter is owned by Chesapeake Bay Helicopters, but what is it doing in Toms River?

It turns out the helicopter was hired as a contractor for Jersey Central Power and Light, but why is it flying so low?

According to the company, starting today the helicopter will be performing comprehensive visual inspections of high-voltage power transmission lines around Toms River. The entire process will take around six weeks.

“A comprehensive visual inspection (CVI) is a slow, structure-by-structure, span-by-span inspection where the inspector onboard the helicopter gets a thorough look from top to bottom of each structure, associated hardware, and conductors of the transmission line(s),” JCP&L said today. “The helicopter will be moving very slowly along each of the transmission lines and will often be seen hovering while carrying out these inspections.”

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