With elections looming Gov. Murphy postpones unpopular hearings on green energy plan

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TRENTON, NJ – With a spate of whale deaths being blamed by Governor Phil Murphy’s clean energy initiatives, the governor unexpectedly postponed hearings regarding his statewide green energy plan.

New Jersey Senator Anthony Bucco however, said he’s not surprised. Bucco believes Murphy is postponing the meeting because the topic has become increasingly unpopular. Murphy said he will circle back to the hearings at the end of the year, after the 2023 elections.

“Let’s be clear that ‘later in the year’ means after Election Day,” said Bucco (R-25). “Trenton Democrats are scared that New Jerseyans might learn before November how much their energy bills will rise and how expensive it’ll be to convert their homes and businesses from gas to electric under Murphy’s extreme green energy plan. People deserve the truth.”

With all 120 seats in the Legislature on the ballot this fall, Bucco said the delay is purely political.

“Delaying hearings is all about protecting the Democrat majority in the Legislature,” added Bucco. “The more people learn about Governor Murphy’s extreme green energy plan, the more they realize they can’t afford it, and that’s bad for Democrats.”

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