Christie gets a big fat zero in national 2024 presidential poll

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is hoping to get a second chance to become the next President of the United States, but he seems to be the only one who thinks he has a chance.

In a national poll conducted by Politico, the controversial former Governor who entered office as one of the most popular governors of all time left office as the least popular in state history.

Christie’s follies continued during his failed run for president in 2016 and continued through his on again, off again bromance with former President Donald Trump. At one point, the two sparred over who gave each other COVID-19 during a Bedminster Presidential debate prep session in 2020.

In the Politico poll, Christie got 0% of the picks as people’s choice for the Republican nominee in 2024.

To make matters worse, 43% of respondents saw Christie as ‘totally unfavorable’ and only 21% viewed him as favorable. 18% never heard of the guy. 18% had no opinion either way.

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Not a great way to start your 2024 campaign for President.

In the poll, most Republicans favored Donald Trump as the nominee in 2024, with 45%. 30% chose Ron DeSantis. 7% chose Mike Pence.

The rest of the candidates, including Marco Rubio, Kristi Noem, Larry Hogan, Mike Pompeo and Tim Scott Cruz, like Christie finished with 1% or less of the total vote.