Retired woman wins $50k Pick 5 drawing, will help her family out

Money - Lottery winning jackpot.
Money - Lottery winning jackpot.

OXON HILL, MD – A retired woman who bought her winning Pick 5 lottery ticket at Mike’s Liquors in Oxon Hill says she will help her family out with the money.

“It must have been on a sign, or maybe in a commercial,” the former federal government employee explained. “Wherever it was, once I saw it, it sure did stick in my head.” In fact, it did so to the point that she played the combination 98949 in the Jan. 14 evening Pick 5 drawing. “I buy tickets occasionally but had never played Pick 5 before. The way this number came to me, it just seemed like something was telling me to give it a try.”

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The next day she realized she had won.

Mike’s Liquors at 5301 Indian Head Highway in Oxon Hill also benefits from selling her the $1 straight bet ticket. The Prince George’s County business will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the $50,000 Pick 5 winner.