Tyre Nichols protester vandalizes NYC patrol car

Screen capture from viral video Tiktok, republished by Clown World / Twitter.

NEW YORK, NY – It was supposed to be a peaceful protest for Memphis native Tyre Nichols who was killed by police in Tennessee, but one New York City protester didn’t get the memo.

In a video that has now gone viral, the protester jumped on top of a New York City police car and began smashing the window before jumping on the roof of the car.

Another protester could be heard off-camera telling the other protesters to stop filming the incident.

“No cameras,” she yelled. “Drop your cameras.”

Another protester recommends the perp “get out of here” as a police officer arrived on the scene. Several NYPD officers approached the suspect and pulled him from the hood of his car by his feet, dragging him to the ground. He was detained and removed from the scene.

At this time, police have not identified the suspect or announced charges.

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