Mass Casualty Incident: Two-year-old among four shot, one injured, one dead in Baltimore

BALTIMORE, MD – A two-year-old child is among the four people shot in a Baltimore shooting Saturday night described by Commissioner Michael Harrison as a mass shooting.

While addressing the community today, Mayor Brandon Scott said it’s not cool to be shooting at children.

“It’s not cool to be shooting at children,” he said. “We know this is over nothing. People are fighting for their lives over what? We not gonna accept that. Somebody just bust off shots at women and children.”

Scott said the Baltimore Police Department will ‘hunt down’ those responsible.

Police officer responded to a ShotSpotter alert in the area of Pennsylvania Avenue and Laurens Avenue at around 6:39 pm.

Shortly after the shooting was reported, Harrison announced one of the adult males died at a nearby hospital.

When police arrived, they located two adult males, an adult female, and a two-year-old male child, all of whom were suffering from apparent gunshot wounds.

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The adult female and the other adult male are listed in critical condition. The two-year-old is listed in stable condition. According to police, an additional victim, a six-year-old male, was injured in a car accident following the shooting.

Police believe multiple gunmen opened fire in the direction of a vehicle, striking three people inside the vehicle and one outside. The other child was injured after being struck by a car after the shooting.

Harrison described the shooting as a cowardly act.

“We need to step up and be better for ourselves,” Mayor Brandon Scott said. “We want to stop killing each other. Whoever did this is a coward.”

Scott called upon residents to turn the gunmen in if they know who is responsible for the shooting.