Hazmat team called to deal with rabbit neglect case in Toms River

Photos by the Toms River Township press department.

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Toms River police officers and the Berkeley Township HAZMAT team responded to a home in Toms River where an alleged abuse and neglect case involving rabbits was reported.

According to Toms River Police, officer James Colline responded to Harrison Road on a referral from Toms River Animal Control regarding rabbits in the backyard of the home. Officer Colline checked the property and found approximately 22 rabbits in the backyard and a shed on the property.

“Due to the condition of the shed, Berkeley Hazmat was called to assist in removing the rabbits. The investigation is ongoing at this time. The rabbits are being relocated to the Toms River Animal Shelter for care,” police said in a statement today.

Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill responded to the Toms River Animal Shelter to conduct interviews with New York City and Philadelphia reporters, according to a statement on the town’s Facebook page.

The Toms River Animal Shelter said the rabbits will be available for adoption in about seven days.

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