If you’re from New Jersey, chances are Wawa is your primary pitstop choice. Whether you’re gassing up for work or a trip to the Jersey Shore, most Jerseyans choose Wawa. No trip to Wawa is complete without pickup up a sandwich, coffee, or a snack. Now, a new report by Payless Power shows Wawa is not just a Jersey thing anymore. All of America loves Wawa.

It all started in 1803. George Wood, a New Jersey iron foundry businessman, started the Wawa Dairy Farm in Chester Heights. Wawa offered home delivery of milk for generations in New Jersey.

The business grew. In the 1960s as consumers began buying milk from stores, and the company, under Grahame Wood, Wawa opened its first storefront in Pennsylvania in 1964.

From there, Wawa spread across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, but New Jerseyans have always had an affection for Wawa. The original stores eventually closed down in favor of new Super Wawa’s, which included gas stations and larger stores.

Stopping for gas used to involve nothing more than a quick fill-up. But these days, many consumers take their time and enjoy the amenities many gas chains now offer. In which stations do customers spend the most time and money?

According to the report, customers spend an average of $84.46 during each trip to Wawa. That’s followed by Love’s and Shell, also known for their ‘superstation’ footprints.

When it comes to how much time is spent inside their gas station convenience store, Wawa is first among brands that don’t offer a complete shopping experience. While Costco, Sam’s Club and Buc-ees customers spend more time in their stores, those locations also go beyond just convenience store type offerings, offering a complete shopping experience.

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As for the worst gas station food in America? Americans say Sunoco tops that list.

“Customers are looking for much more in a gas station than cheap gas. While price is important, a clean station with quality food and customer service alone could earn a healthy following. For example, Shell was the third favorite station in the country, but 70% of consumers said they had the most expensive gas,” the report stated.

As gas stations offer more amenities and expand their food menus, so too are they growing their fan bases. Steadfast station supporters will drive significantly out of their way to patronize their preferred station and happily part with a considerable amount of money once there.