Gov. Murphy’s ‘extreme’ Green Energy Plan could cost state $1.4 trillion opponents say

FILE PHOTO: Election night event hosted by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in Asbury Park

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy just dropped a half million dollars on a new fleet of gas-guzzling SUVs for himself and his inner circle in Trenton, but he wants the average New Jerseyan to go green.

And it’s going to cost over $1.4 trillion, according to state legislators and a report released on Tuesday.

Affordable Energy for New Jersey claims Murphy’s local version of the Green New Deal will have extreme sticker shock for New Jersey residents.

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“Two years ago, Affordable Energy for New Jersey (AENJ) worked with economist and energy policy expert Dr. Jonathan Lesser to calculate what New Jersey residents and businesses could expect to pay for the EMP. His original report estimated a cost of $525 billion through 2050,” the group said in the report. “That estimate was more conservative than two other estimates, which calculated the cost at $750 billion and over $1 trillion. AENJ now estimates that the EMP will cost New Jersey residents $1.4 Trillion – about $140,000 per resident between now and 2050.”

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“The $1.4 trillion cost of Governor Murphy’s extreme green energy plan is absolutely jaw dropping,” said Republican Senator Anthony Bucco (R-25). “That’s an extra $5,000 per year in higher costs for every New Jersey resident through 2050. It’s yet more proof that the governor’s radical plan to ban affordable energy choices for New Jersey families and businesses is completely unrealistic.”

That comes to about $140,000 per resident in New Jersey over the next 20 years.

“Governor Murphy doesn’t want the public to know the true cost of his extreme green energy plan until it’s too late,” added Bucco. “He doesn’t want you to think about the massive expense of replacing your affordable gas appliances, the higher cost of electric, or the impact on ratepayers and taxpayers of fully electrifying everything, including their cars. The governor hasn’t been transparent with people, but they deserve to know.”