$50,000 lottery ticket sold at Sparrows Point 7-Eleven

SPARROWS POINT, MD – A 37-year-old woman claimed her $50,000 winning lottery ticket at lottery headquarters this week.

The woman said she was doing her laundry Saturday night when she decided to roll the dice on a Gold X20 instant lottery ticket.

“Naming herself “Tiny Golden Lady” to tell her winning story, the lucky lady said she played the Gold X20 game because she had recently won $5 on it. While in the middle of doing a load of laundry, she went to a 7-Eleven in Baltimore to cash in her $5 win,” the Maryland Lottery said today. “She purchased three more instant tickets and a crossword scratch-off game. “Tiny Golden Lady” played the games after returning home and was shocked when she thought she won $50 on the Gold X20 scratch-off.”

“I scratch the numbers first to see if I have a match and then see the prize below,” she said. “When I saw the five and zero, I mistook the comma for a period.” Thinking how great it was to win $50, “Tiny Golden Lady” called her husband to share the news. “I read the ticket and thought winning $50 was awesome,” said her husband.

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However, she realized she wasn’t done scratching.

Lottery officials said she revealed more and more zeros. The woman saw that her win was really $50,000. In disbelief, she showed her husband the instant ticket a second time and he instantly went into protective mode.

“I started locking all the doors, and I put the ticket in a Ziploc bag and hid it,” he said. “I was so nervous.”