Governor Phil Murphy continues to tell residents and officials at the Jersey Shore that there’s ‘no there, there’, but a growing number of political figures and even some environmentalists are calling to halt the governor’s massive wind farm project after a recent string of dead whales washed up on beaches in the region.

This week, a letter signed by twelve Jersey Shore mayors called upon Murphy to put the brakes of the project.

The call came after yet another whale washed up on Lido beach in New York last week, following at least six other confirmed beachings over the past two months.

With Governor Phil Murphy ignoring the plight of the whales in the Mid-Atlantic, the mayors are calling upon President Joe Biden and his administration to act.

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In the past 45 days, eight whales have washed ashore in the New York and New Jersey region.

“While we are not opposed to clean energy, we are concerned about the impacts these projects are having on our environment,” the Mayors wrote. “We urge you to take action now to prevent the deaths from needlessly occurring on our shorelines.”

Governor Phil Murphy says the whale deaths have nothing to do with his massive off-shore wind project and survey vessels operating off the coast of the Jersey Shore.

Murphy attributed the increase in deaths to a 16-year trend in whale deaths.

The mayors from up and down the Jersey Shore are asking the federal government to investigate the deaths to determine, using science, what is causing the deaths.