Firearm safety devices could soon be tax free in New Jersey

TRENTON, NJ – Lawmakers in Trenton have introduced a bill that would exempt some firearm safety devices from sales and use tax.

According to the bill sponsored by Joseph Cryan, it would provide an exemption from the sales and use tax for sales of certain firearm safety equipment, including safety devices, storage devices, and handbooks. 

“The bill provides a sales and use tax exemption for publications, both digital and tangible, that instruct individuals on the safe and proper operation, maintenance, and storage of firearms,” Cryan said. “The bill expands upon the existing exemption for firearm trigger locks and other devices that enable the firearm to be made inoperable by anyone other than an authorized person to explicitly include similar but distinct firearm safety devices such as barrel locks, cable locks, and chamber locks that secure components of firearms.”

  The bill also expands upon the existing exemption for firearm vaults providing secure storage for firearms to explicitly include firearm lock boxes and firearm safes, which tend to be smaller and more portable than firearm vaults but offer similar advanced locking mechanisms that other forms of storage equipment lack.

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