Ten members of Jersey City gang arrested on drug trafficking charges

JERSEY CITY, NJ – The Marion Gardens Housing Complex drug trafficking operation was dealt a blow this week by federal officials after ten members of the organized gang were arrested and charged for drug trafficking.

Among the arrested were Myron Williams, aka “Money,” aka “Tunchi,” 29, and Andre Alomar, aka “Dre8,” 21, both of Newark; and Herbert Thomas, 48; Roger Pickett, aka “Zy Gz,” 22; Anthony Rogers, aka “MG,” 22; Naim Richardson, aka “Ninicks,” 29; Quaseame Wilson, aka “Qua Gz,” 26; Javon Williams, aka “J45,” 21; Jawaad Davis, 20; and Keith Anderson, 21, all of Jersey City, New Jersey.

Federal prosecutors allege Myron Williams, Pickett, Alomar, Rogers, Richardson, Wilson, Javon Williams, Davis, and Anderson are all members and associates of the neighborhood street gang associated with the Marion Gardens Housing Complex.

“Since March 2021, members and associates of the Marion Gardens street gang have committed numerous acts of violence, including a murder on March 29, 2021; a murder on Nov. 20, 2021 and a murder on Nov. 1, 2022,” said U.S. Attorney Philip R. Sellinger.

Sellinger reports that the 2022 murder occurred during the operation of the drug trafficking gang’s activities, during an attempted robbery of controlled substances. Davis facilitated that murder by coordinating a narcotics transaction with the victim. Davis robbed the victim’s narcotics supply when the victim and another associate arrived at Marion Gardens Housing Complex to complete the narcotics transaction while Pickett and Wilson held the victim and his associate at gunpoint. The victim was shot by Pickett, while his associate fled. Pickett and Wilson fled Marion Gardens Housing Complex in Pickett’s vehicle.

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