NJ pork roll egg and cheese threatened by new breakfast taco?

Dunkin' Retail 23 Window 3 Retouched Product image: (2) Southwest Breakfast Tacos, scattered crumbs (image + shadow + transparency)

TOMS RIVER, NJ – The pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich is the official sandwich of New Jersey, but today, a new challenger is hoping to move in on the Jersey breakfast action.

On my drive to work today, I stopped at my local Dunkin to get my daily coffee and was asked if I wanted to try the new breakfast taco.

“What?” I responded.

It’s a warm flour tortilla, the satisfying and flavorful tacos come in pairs and are made with scrambled eggs, melted sharp white cheddar cheese, fire-roasted corn, and a drizzle of tangy lime crema for a refreshing finish.

“Sure, I’ll try one,” I responded.

Thinking it was just some new gimmick, I hesitated, but I have to admit, it was pretty good. While it doesn’t compare to a Jersey pork roll egg and cheese on a bagel or Kaiser roll, it did hit the spot.

The breakfast taco, I later found out was released today and is in all participating stores in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area.

“What sets Breakfast Tacos apart is its blend of spring-forward ingredients, with fire-roasted corn taking center stage. The tacos are designed to be eaten while guests are on-the-go, served in a convenient Dunkin’ taco holder to keep all the premium flavors in place,” Dunkin said today in a press release that was waiting for me at the office.

The breakfast taco is also available all day long and can be ordered with crispy bacon on top.

Check it out next time, and let us know what you think.

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