Rowan University grads could soon get vanity license plates with school logo

Glassboro, NJ If you’re an alumnus of Rowan University, you could get a personalize Rowan University vanity license plate in New Jersey. A bill in the Statehouse will allow the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission to issue special Rowan University alumni license plates.

According to the bill, Rowan University alumni license plates must feature appropriate words, slogans, and a Rowan University emblem. Rowan University alumni license plates will be designed and colored by the chief administrator with the assistance of the Rowan University Alumni Association.

“n addition to all other registration fees required by law, Rowan University alumni license plates require an application fee of $50 and an annual renewal fee of $10.  After the deduction of the cost of designing, producing, issuing, renewing, and publicizing the plates and of any computer programming changes that are necessary to implement the license plate program, additional fees are to be deposited into a special non-lapsing fund known as the “Rowan University License Plate Fund.”  The proceeds of the fund are to be annually appropriated to the Rowan University Alumni Association to be used to support the organization’s mission and programs.




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