New Jersey lawmakers worried about rise in deep -fake photography

TRENTON, NJ – Lawmakers in New Jersey worried about deep-fake photographs and videos are seeking to pass a law that will criminalize the act of using technology to manipulate those photos.

New Jersey Senator Kristin M Corrado has introduced a bill in Trenton that will prohibit sexually deceptive or visual media.

“Unlike older forms of audio or visual manipulation, the creator of a deep fake uses newer technology such as artificial intelligence to make it appear, as realistically as possible, that the person being depicted has engaged in activity that did not actually occur,” Corrado said. “Deepfakes have been intentionally used to embarrass or harass a person or to cast that person in a false light.  When the person being depicted is a child, deep fake technology has the potential to create realistic pornography involving the child.”

The bill would allow a prison term of up to ten years and a $200,000 fine.

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