Bulk of Hill team’s $14 million loan slated to prep for Downtown Toms River development

view of sky from city sidewalk, file photo.

TOMS RIVER, NJ – The Mo Hill team voted to pass an ordinance for a $14,000,000 loan in order to literally pave the way for future development in downtown Toms River.

$7.8 million of the loan will be spent on improving infrastructure in the downtown area ahead of the proposed downtown redevelopment plan that will see a 10-story twin tower apartment building and at least two other hi-rise apartment buildings on the township-owned property in the village. Under that plan, the township-owned property will be signed over to developers to build future apartment buildings and commercial space.

The measure was approved 5-2, with Hill allies and political running mates Councilmen Matt Lotano, Josh Kopp, and Kevin Geohegan voting in favor of the massive new spending bill.

Councilman Daniel Rodrick, who announced he is running against Mo Hill for Mayor in June, voted no, along with his former running mate Councilman Justin Lamb.

The downtown infrastructure project will go toward improving drainage, repairing bulkheads, and raising the elevation of waterfront roads in the downtown village, and the “Downtown Toms River Loop Project” will get more people in and out of the area as the new, larger buildings are built.

Another $4.4 million will be spent on new vehicles for township employees, including robo trucks, a new street sweeper, and ten new police vehicles.

The town will spend $1.8 million on stream cleaning and renovations at the Toms River Police Department headquarters on Oak Street.

After being approved at the first reading, the council will vote on the final approval at the next scheduled township council meeting.


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