Brooklyn Couple Sentenced for Stealing Army Veteran’s Identity and Applying for Benefits

A court room gavel. © BS Photos. Stock Photo.

BROOKLYN, NY – Today, a couple, Kevin Middleton, 41, and Tonni Chapman, 50, have been sentenced to five months in jail and five years’ probation for using a U.S. Army veteran’s identity to fraudulently apply for government benefits, including Veterans Administration benefits and Section 8 housing in Brooklyn.

The District Attorney said that, according to the investigation, in February 2018, Kevin Middleton posed as Kevin Chapman and obtained a non-driver’s license identification card from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles in Kevin Chapman’s name. The I.D. card was issued in Chapman’s name and with his date of birth, but with Middleton’s photograph.

Middleton also obtained a replacement Social Security card in Chapman’s name under his Social Security number, and he forged Chapman’s signature onto the card. The defendant also obtained a New York State identification card in Chapman’s name, but with the defendant’s photograph.

They were also ordered to pay $34,399 in restitution. The victim of the scheme is the ex-husband of the female defendant, Tonni Chapman. Authorities praised the diligent work of investigators and the cooperation of various agencies in restoring the victim’s reputation and bringing the defendants to justice.

District Attorney Gonzalez said, “Today’s sentence holds the defendants accountable for stealing the identity of a U.S. Army veteran and receiving benefits to which they were not entitled. Thanks to the hard work of my prosecutors and our law enforcement partners, we were able to restore this veteran’s good name.”

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