Buffalo Police Investigate Fake Weapons Call at South Park High School

Buffalo police department patrol Cruiser-stock photo
Buffalo police department patrol Cruiser-stock photo

Buffalo Police responded to a weapons call at South Park High School just before 10:45 am this morning, after receiving a report of a potential threat. Authorities quickly arrived at the scene and placed the school in a shelter-in-place lockdown during their search for any possible threat. In addition to the regular police force, the K9 Unit was also deployed to assist in searching the school grounds.

After an extensive and thorough search of the premises, police determined that no weapon was located on school property. Authorities now believe that the initial call was a hoax, which has raised concerns among local law enforcement and the school community.

Similar “swatting” calls have been reported in recent days not only in Western New York but also across New York State and the nation. Swatting incidents involve false reports of emergencies or threats, which are meant to provoke a response from law enforcement or emergency services, often putting innocent people at risk.

Buffalo Police are actively investigating the incident at South Park High School, trying to determine whether it is linked to the other swatting calls reported recently. In the meantime, the school has resumed normal operations, and authorities are urging students, staff, and community members to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior to the police.

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