Surf’s Up: New Jersey surfing is a year round event, here’s why

Summer surfers in Belmar, NJ.

BELMAR, NJ – While hardcore surfers take to the waves all year long, the casual surfers are just getting started this season at the Jersey Shore. While the locals might not love the ‘BENNY” scene in the summer months, they have grown accustomed to the influx of surfers at the Jersey Shore.

Fortunately for locals, surfing is a year-round activity for most and while they enjoy the late summer months and early fall the most, summer is definitely what surfing at the Jersey Shore is known for.

When it comes to surfing, New Jersey might not be the first place that comes to mind. However, this coastal state offers an array of surfing opportunities throughout the year.

While fall steals the spotlight as the prime surfing season, don’t underestimate the waves that beckon surfers during summer, winter, and spring.

The fall is the crown jewel of surfing season.

As the leaves change color and the air turns crisp, New Jersey’s fall emerges as the pinnacle of surfing season. While the summer air might give way to cooler temperatures, the Atlantic Ocean remains pleasantly warm well into October. What makes fall extra special for surfers is the hurricane season, which stirs up the ocean and brings powerful swells to the coastline. These ideal conditions create thrilling waves, attracting surfers from near and far to experience the exhilaration of riding the Atlantic’s fall swells.

While fall may steal the spotlight, don’t discount the other seasons when planning your surfing adventures in New Jersey. During summer, the shore towns of Manasquan, Ocean City, Seaside Heights, Atlantic City, and the Wildwoods become hotspots for surfers. The vibrant atmosphere, coupled with a range of wave options, creates a haven for summer wave riders.

Surfers in Belmar, NJ

As winter sets in and the beaches appear deserted, surfers have the opportunity to enjoy unrestricted access to the waves. Equipped with the right gear, brave surfers can relish the satisfying waves brought by the powerful winter storms of the North Atlantic. It’s a unique experience that only a true cold-water enthusiast can appreciate.

Even in early spring, when the ocean temperatures are still chilly, the Jersey Shore coastline remains abuzz with surfing activity. As surfers don their full wetsuits to combat the cold, they embrace the chance to ride the waves that grace the shores during this transitional season. And if you’re looking to dive deeper into the surfing culture of New Jersey, the New Jersey Surf Museum, located at the Tuckerton Seaport, offers a fascinating glimpse into the unique bond between surfing and the state.

Grab Your Board and Dive In New Jersey might not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking about surfing, but it holds a treasure trove of wave-riding opportunities all year round. From the thrill of fall’s hurricane swells to the lively summer scene, the solitude of winter, and the blossoming spirit of spring, there’s something for every surfer along the Jersey Shore. So, grab your board, embrace the adventure, and explore the surfing wonders that New Jersey has to offer. For more information, including surf reports and updates, be sure to visit New Jersey Surfing and make the most of your surfing escapades in this unexpected surfers’ paradise.

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