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Anchorage Man Sentenced for Gun Violence on School Grounds

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA  – U.S. Attorney Bryan Schroder announced that Laquinton Tyrone Dashawn Robbins, 28, has been sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Ralph R....


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Report: This New Jersey Democrat has spent nearly $300,000 on lobbyist funded steak dinners

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, of New Jersey, is once again under fire. ...

Mitt Romney votes against stimulus citing too much wasteful spending

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Utah Senator Mitt Romney has been voting alongside Democrats in the 2021-2022...

Joe Biden tells NASA engineer Indian-Americans are taking over our country

WASHINGTON, D.C. - A playful President Joe Biden this week told NASA Engineer Swati Mohan...

NJ Senate Democrat Charged with Drunk Driving Crashed into Parked Cars

JERSEY CITY, NJ - New Jersey Senate Democrat leader Sandra B. Cunningham was charged Thursday...

Ronna McDaniel: Joe Biden needs to stop hiding from America, the press

WASHINGTON, D.C.  - RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said today it's time for President Joe Biden...

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Arsonist damages Portland Public Schools administration building

PORTLAND, OR - An arson fire that damaged vehicles parked at the administration building of Portland...

Watch: Two suspects linked to I-4 shooting captured after fleeing police, rolling over car

DELTONA, FL - The Volusia County Sheriff's Office has reported two suspects are now in...

Five displaced by fire at Phoenix home

PHOENIX, AZ - Five occupants of a home on the west side of Phoenix were...

Johnson City police report spike in drug overdoses over past 24 hours

JOHNSON CITY, NY - The Johnson City police department has reported an unusual spike in...

Man Arrested Following POP Raid On Beachside House

DAYTONA BEACH, FL - For the fourth time since last December, the Problem Oriented Policing...


Who gave immigrants the Biden Please Let Us In t-shirts? How can I buy one?

Last week, hundreds of Central American migrants showed up at the U.S. border with Mexico...

1978 movie was about a convoy of trucks heading for the Jersey Shore, now a real non-stop convoy is headed this way

JACKSON, NJ  - It's been nearly 42 years since the Rubber Duck led a convoy...

Alec Baldwin rage quits Twitter, says it’s where all the a-holes are

HOLLYWOOD - Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin this week rage quit Twitter after he and his...

In New Jersey, you can buy your own private 52-acre amusement park

CLEMENTON, NJ - Have you ever actually dreamed of buying your own amusement park while...

NBA unveils new hand sanitizer cam

The National Basketball Association has unveiled the latest in COVID-19 compliance technology, the hand sanitizer...