Dems Are Overturning Gun Rights In Virginia

After taking over Virginia’s government in the last election, Democrats promised to roll back the second amendment. Here’s everything you need to know about Governor Ralph Northam’s controversial gun ban. Subscribe to

Crashing The Women’s March 2020

Donate To The Daily Caller News Foundation: Journalist Vincent Shkreli went to the Women’s March and interacted with folks on both sides of the aisle. Subscribe to our channel! Or

Women’s March: Fetuses Don’t Count!

Abortion accounts for the termination of approximately 500,000 unborn females every year. Watch what happens when we bring this up at a women’s march. Subscribe to our channel!, Tune into

Does Trump Empower Women? Women’s March Edition

Women’s March protesters think that Trump doesn’t empower women. But what about all of the women in his administration? Subscribe to our channel! Tune into Check out our twitter:

Kendra Lust Sounds Off On The Porn Ban

David Hookstead spoke to pornstar Kendra Lust about people who want to ban porn. Check out her response! Subscribe to our channel! Become a Daily Caller PATRIOT: Subscribe at Subscribe

Ayatollah or Trump: Who Would You Date?

Subscribe to our channel! DCNF’s Vincent Shkreli went to the Women’s March and asked, “Who would you rather date: Ayatollah Khomeini or Donald Trump?” The answers are outrageous Donate To The

Michael Moore Arrested With Joaquin Phoenix

Donate To The Daily Caller News Foundation: Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore and actor Joaquin Phoenix got arrested on the Capitol steps protesting climate change at Jane Fonda’s Fire Drill Fridays. Subscribe

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