This giant moth was found at Australian School

Perhaps the son of Mothra, a gigantic wood moth was found at the Mount Cotton School. The large moth was found during construction at the school. According to the Australian Museum, the

Illegal Alien Meth Dealer Sentenced to Prison

SIOUX CITY, IOWA – A man, illegally in the United States, who conspired to distribute methamphetamine while possessing a firearm was sentenced February 3, 2021, in federal court in Sioux City. Oscar

Watch Great White Shark Ram Diver’s Cage

Crikey! A few blokes and Sheilas were on a deep-sea dive in Australia when their cage was rammed by a great white shark.  As you might think they were a bit shaken,

Mexican sea cucumber smuggler gets 6 months

SAN DIEGO , CALIFORNIA – Tijuana resident John Jaimes Torres was sentenced in federal court today to six months in custody for smuggling protected sea cucumbers valued at more than $60,000 into