Forty-Seven Defendants Charged in Illegal Gambling

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – A federal grand jury has indicted 47 people who are allegedly associated with illegal gambling establishments that are closely tied to gangs, drugs and violence in San Diego

$75,000 lottery ticket sold in Akron

AKRON, OH – Victor Faverty of Akron doesn’t like golf, but he might have changed his mind after winning $75,683 playing the EZPLAY Progressive Jackpot Game, Going Pro. After mandatory state and federal taxes

$1,000,000 Fastest Road winner announced in Tampa

TALLAHASSEE – The Florida Lottery announces that Susan Getty, 65, of Tampa, claimed a $1 million top prize from THE FASTEST ROAD TO $1,000,000 Scratch-Off game using a secured drop box located at

The Top 10 Baseball Bands or Songs

A lot of things that happen on Twitter probably shouldn’t, but the one thing that should happen is today’s “Baseball Bands or Songs” posts. With opening day right around the corner it’s

$150k Powerball Winner Announced in Jarretsville

Dreaming of a big Powerball jackpot win became somewhat of a reality for a Jarrettsville resident last week. While chasing jackpots, the Harford County man calling himself “Dreamweaver” won a $150,000 Powerball prize in the Feb.

10,000 unaccompanied children crossed the border in February

Rumble — Almost 10,000 minors from Central America crossed illegally from Mexico into the United States without their parents in February, nearly double the previous month’s figures, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection

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