Sadeghi: “Handpicked Holman” Donated $72,550 to Anti-Trump Sanctuary City Democrats Statewide

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Despite donating huge sums of money to New Jersey Democrats, Ocean County GOP party elites are backing “Handpicked Holman”, the “Six Million Dollar Man” to succeed George Gilmore as Ocean County GOP Chairman.

TOMS RIVER-Frank Sadeghi has an uphill battle to climb against the GOP party elitists backing his opponent Frank B. Holman in the race to be the next Ocean County GOP Chairman.  After reports from Shore News Network uncovered Holman’s political activities supporting the New Jersey Democrat Party’s “Blue Wave” in 2018, Sadeghi’s team has uncovered $72,550 in campaign contributions by Holman’s accounting Firm, Holman, Frenia, Allision.

Holman was handpicked by the Ocean County GOP party elitists and publicly endorsed by National GOP Chairwoman Virginia Haines.

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Frank Holman, a candidate for Ocean County GOP Chairman, contributed $72,550 to Democrat candidates and groups across New Jersey, Sadeghi said. Sadeghi said Holman’s firm even provided financial assistance to Democrats who defeated New Jersey Congressman Tom MacArthur.

“Even worse, Holman’s firm made sizable campaign contributions to anti-Trump, pro-Sanctuary City Democrats just last year – including to Democrats in Burlington County that helped to defeat Congressman Tom MacArthur,” Sadeghi said.

According to official NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission records, Holman has made over 75 separate contributions in recent years to liberal Democrats, and actively supported politicians who are trying to destroy President Trump.

“Actively helping Democrats get elected to office might be good for Frank Holman’s business, but it should absolutely disqualify him from being the leader of the Ocean County Republican Party,” Sadeghi said.

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During Holman’s campaign, on his behalf allegations have been made against New Jersey Assemblyman Gregory McGuckin and Ocean County Freeholder Virginia Haines, claiming the pair have been making phone calls to county committee members who hold public jobs.   Several individuals provided accounts of those phone calls to Shore News Network.  On Monday, we contacted both Haines and McGuckin and to date, both have refused to comment on the allegations of their alleged intimidation of public employees to persuade votes for Holman.   A full report on this activity will be published on Wednesday.

Despite evidence detailing Holman’s firm’s donation to Democrats in New Jersey, as of Tuesday, the Republican leaders of Ocean County still are continuing their support for Holman as the GOP Chairman.  Rank and file Republicans are rallying behind Sadeghi whose firm does not take political contributions and according to NJ Election Reports and Pay to Play data has never donated funds to Democrats.

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Holman’s firm, in return, receives over $6.3 million annually in public contracts through political arrangements statewide.  In many of the towns where Holman’s firm donates to either Democrats or Republicans, the firm also receives public contracts in those communities.