About Shore News Network – Your News

A Collaborative Community Media Project

Established in 2008, the Shore New Network’s goal is to bring the Jersey Shore community together through positive, community reinforcing news gathered from hundreds of local sources and pubishing in one convenient location for ease of use for the entire community.    We create authentically local news content and perform investigative journalism and package that with the nation’s top headlines to keep our community informed about what’s local and what’s important today.

A Distributed News Media Platform

Shore News Network is a distributed news and media platform serving residents of Ocean, Monmouth, Atlantic and Cape May Counties. Our distributed community news platform puts the power of the media into the hands of the community by working directly with the organizations within the community to deliver grassroots style news media services to the community.

“Your News” is combined with our own hard-hitting investigative journalism, street-level community reporting and a sprinkling of news from our news media partners.

How We Serve the Community

As the mainstream media model continues its decline, SNN is growing rapidly every day because we empower the community, providing communities with a broad media platform that allows easy access to our over 1,000,000 readers annually.  Your community organization’s news is important to SNN, because it’s those types of organizations that are the backbone of the Jersey Shore.

Shore News Network also empowers Main Street USA, providing local businesses with a cost effective outlet to the media consuming masses here in New Jersey.

A Turnkey Media Platform that Fits All Shapes and Sizes

Whether you’re a small charity looking to get the word out or a global corporation looking to connect with the residents of the Jersey Shore, SNN can help you achieve success.  Police departments, government bodies, small businesses, large businesses, educational facilities, healthcare facilities and charity organizations have all benefited from our open media platform.


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