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Things are changing every day in the world, but when it comes to business marketing and reaching new customers, we’ve stayed ahead of the game.  What worked before COVID-19 might not work today.  Our customers are seeing success through online advertising, social media marketing, advertorials and content marketing.  We can help you promote your business, service and products to our customers.

  1. Full Service Advertising Package for $199/mo.
  2. Banner Advertising for $99/mo.
  3. Content/Link Marketing $50/article.

Charges will appear as Stilton Company, LLC.

Full-Service Advertising Package

  • Launch advertorial about your business.
  • Additional advertorial about how your business is managing through COVID-19
  • 3 Inline Banner Advertisement on  300×250, 728×90 & 728×180. (customer sends ad from their designer).
  • Promotion of your business on our social media pages.
  • Anytime news submissions, send us newsworthy updates and we’ll get the word out!
  • Content marketing placement.  Opportunities for your business to get in front of our readers through quality content marketing spots.
  • Free distribution (not creation) of press releases.

See more details below.

Cost:  $250 setup (waived) for ads, advertorials and $199 per month.

Banner Advertising Only

  • 3 Inline Banner Advertisement on  300×250, 728×90 & 728×180. (customer sends ad from their designer).


Link Marketing

Shore News Network is one of New Jersey’s most successful product influencers.  We can spotlight your products and services within our stories through links and references.  Although we do not make endorsements of products or accept paid endorsements, these links in relevant news articles can help you increase your sales, improve your SEO rankings and drive more customers to your products and services.

If you are interested in having your product, website, news article featured and linked in a Shore News Network story, you can get started today.

Cost: $50 per article, lifetime.

Full-Service Advertising Package

Full Online Advertising:  JTOWN Magazine/Shore News reaches MILLIONS of people each month and most of those readers are in Central New Jersey.  Our online advertising platform gives your business tens of thousands of impressions each month to prospective new customers.

  • Social Media Marketing: Over 150,000 subscribe to our social media pages and through this audience, we help you to promote your business.
  • Advertorials:  Online advertorials are a powerful tool in an ever growing consumer hunger for information online.  Our advertorial service allows you to effectively get your story out to our readers.
  • Content Marketing: We routinely write and curate industry news.  Through our content marketing, we place our customers in industry specific stories whenever possible.

Here are some examples of how we’ve helped our clients in the past:

Here are some ways we’re creatively helping other businesses stay relevant and keep customers coming during COVID-19

Community service reporting helps businesses






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