Joe Biden Reflects on His Encounter with Black Gang Member “Corn Pop”


WASHINGTON, D.C.-It seems like every Democrat running for President this year has had a face-off with an imaginary black gang member with a less than believable nickname when pandering to black voters. First, there was Cory Booker’s drug dealing buddy “T-bone”.  Now, former Vice President Joe Biden tells us the tale of “Corn Pop”.

Biden said he learned a lot about working as the only white lifeguard in an all-black pool in 1960’s Delaware.

“Corn pop was a bad dude,” Biden said.

Listen to his speech below about he dealt with black people at his pool with the advice from the only other white guy working at the place.

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N0t everyone is buying Biden’s story, especially Michael Harriot, senior writer at The Root.

“Now it has already been demonstrably proven that Biden will make stuff up. But any black person who hears this story will automatically give you the side-eye and says, nigga please,” Harriot posted. “Biden says that, instead of hanging out all summer, he decided to take a job working as a lifeguard at a black pool.”

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Harriot went on to further debunk Biden’s claim that most black people in 1960’s Wilmington, Delaware had never spoken to a white person before.

“Biden says that, instead of hanging out all summer, he decided to take a job working as a lifeguard at a black pool,” Harriot said. “Biden says that he became popular at the pool because many of the black people in Wilmington, DE had never talked to a white person before. This raised by bullshit-o-meter, so I decided to look it up. In 1960, Wilmington was 73% white, according to census records.

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