Testa: Murphy Cares More About Planned Parenthood than Economic Development and Tourism in New Jersey

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CAPE MAY-Mike Testa, running for a seat in the New Jersey State Senate this year is concerned about Governor Phil Murphy’s priorities.  This summer, Murphy pledged $8.8 million in additional aid to Planned Parenthood, but cut a $4 million funding investment into funding the Greater Wildwoods Tourism and Development Authority.

“First Governor Murphy slashed our school funding by millions while giving tuition aid to illegal immigrants. Now, he’s vetoing millions more for the Wildwood Boardwalk Improvement so he can fund America’s number one abortion provider, Planned Parenthood – it’s unconscionable!” said GOP Senate candidate Mike Testa, Jr. “Once again, where is the Silent Senator, Bob Andrzejczak, on this key issue? Sadly, the Senator too often remains quiet when it comes to the havoc being wreaked by Trenton Democrats on South Jersey, for fear that angering them will jeopardize the millions of dollars in special interest campaign contributions they have earmarked to save his political career this November.”

Testa may not be winning the favor of Planned Parenthood, who gave his opponent Bob Andrzejczak a 100% rating, but he’s winning over the hearts and minds of many in his district who see Governor Phil Murphy and state Democrats as a real threat to the future of the Garden State.

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He also blasted his opponent and Murphy on the Governor’s new school funding formula which has shortchanged suburban school districts here at the Jersey Shore.

“Bob is a good man, and I’m sure I would enjoy grabbing a beer with him. However, he belongs to a Democratic Party that is robbing our families of a quality education, property tax relief, and necessary tourism investment,” Testa added. “Let’s do the math – Murphy’s recent school funding and tourism cuts amount to more than $80 for every man, woman, and child in Cape May County.