Florida Protesters Work Out In Public to Protest Gym Closures

CLEARWATER, FL – Florida is still a while away from allowing gyms to open to let people work out, but this group of protesters in Clearwater may have protested their platform away.   While protesting their right to workout in a gym, the protest also demonstrated that you don’t need a gym to work out, according to the snarky liberal left.   Of course, the media that mocks these protesters are missing the point.  They aren’t protesting their ability to work out in a park, on a sidewalk or even in their garage or family room, they’re protesting the fact that the state is causing financial damages to their gyms, who many are loyal customers of.  That’s the point.  So while they got in a few squats, pushups and situps on the day, their friends who work at the gym remain unemployed, the gyms remain closed and they all remain shackled by draconian COVID-19 restrictions that may not be going away any time soon.  Meanwhile, in New Jersey, where gym owners are being charged for violations, one gym is defying executive orders and opening Monday.  Working out during COVID-19 has become a big business as gym equipment is up there with sex-toys when it comes to things people are buying online these days.  Related:  Monmouth County Gym owner donates during COVID-19.

People protesting to reopen gyms because they "need to exercice", whilst exercising outside of the gym… managing to prove themselves wrong. from facepalm