Murphy’s Law: Lacey Restaurant Owner Charged for Serving Food in His Restaurant


LACEY TOWNSHIP – Brian Brindisi, owner of the Lakeside Diner in Forked River was charged and fined $1,000 for operating his diner and serving…food…to hungry people…who wanted to eat…food.  Yes, this is happening right here in Ocean County as the Lacey Township Police Department issued Brindisi his first Murphy’s Law citation today.  According to the police department, Brindisi was charged for operating his restaurant and letting people sit indoors.

Brindisi decided to open his restaurant in full accordance with the CDC recommendations being followed by restaurants in states across the nation this week.  Governor Phil Murphy, however, continues to balk at the CDC recommendations and is keeping his state in an extended state of government lockdown.  In other parts of the state, protesters gathered by the thousands, which is also in violation of Murphy’s Law, but the governor has given those lawbreakers a pass, but not small business owners.

As New Jersey inches closer to a small reopening on June 15th, businesses continue paying employees, rent, insurance and loans, but with no customers and the state and the federal government has yet to provide relief for small mom & pop business owners many of whom do not qualify for available relief programs.

“First, the $1,000 ticket, tomorrow another comes, then the prosecutor’s office with the health department,” Brindisi forecasted of his fate as he protests Murphy’s business lockdown. “Bring it! It’s my constitutional right to go to work every day.  Lacey PD, nothing but respect for the way you handled it, thank you.”

Brindisi said the rules being made up each day by the Governor aren’t fair to business owners, many of whom are at serious risk of losing their businesses.

“First it was 14 days till the curve,  then 30 days, then 60 days, then 120,” he said. “Outside dining in July and August in the parking lot? You’re a nut Murphy!”

Governor Murphy has consistently been accused by local, state and national opposition that he is constantly moving the goal line of reopening for New Jersey small businesses.

Brindisi is planning on reopening his restaurant tomorrow at 9 am in a continued protest of his constitutional rights as an American citizen to operate his business under the federal guidelines set forth by the CDC.

Lakeside Diner is our “Breakfast Joint of the Day” for Sunday, so head down there and show your support!


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