Here are all the restaurants offering outdoor dining in Wildwood Starting Today!


WILDWOOD, NJ – The cities of Wildwood, North Wildwood and Wildwood Crest have joined together to announce a star-studded line up of restaurants who will be offering outdoor dining starting Monday, June 12th!

Wildwoods, NJ restaurants can now welcome patrons to enjoy outdoor dining at their establishments beginning Monday, June 15.

Restaurants and eateries that have property onsite (in parking lots or on sidewalks) where outdoor seating can be placed to meet social distancing guidelines will be allowed to add al fresco dining to their takeout and delivery services.

At their discretion, restaurant owners who meet the criteria set forth by city officials can offer outdoor seating to dine. Each establishment will develop its own system for reservations and managing what promises to be their highly coveted outdoor seating areas while adhering to spacing protocols and procedures. Customers are encouraged to call ahead to check on availability.

The following is a list of restaurants that will be offering outdoor dining; please check back for updates:

Alfe’s Restaurant: 3401 New Jersey Ave, Wildwood, 609-729-5755

Anglesea Pub: 116 W. 1st Ave, North Wildwood, 609-729-1133

Bandana’s Mexican Grille: 5607 Atlantic Ave, Wildwood Crest, 609-522-5735

Blue Water Grille: 3320 Atlantic Ave, Wildwood, 609-522-0303

Boathouse Restaurant: 506 W. Rio Grande Ave, Wildwood, 609-729-5301

Capt’n Jack’s Island Grill: 2701 Boardwalk, Wildwood, 609-523-1700

Cattle ‘n Clover: 3817 Pacific Ave, Wildwood, 609-522-3800

Coastal Prime: 3001 Pacific Ave, Wildwood, 609-770-7738

Curley’s Fries: 2501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, 609-522-3900

Dogtooth Bar & Grill: 100 E. Taylor Ave, Wildwood, 609-522-8383

DooWop Drive In: 6200 New Jersey Ave, Wildwood Crest, 609-305-4807

Duffinetti’s: 4600 Pacific Ave, Wildwood , 609-522-0002

Flip Flopz Beach Bar & Grill: 106 W. Spruce Ave, North Wildwood, 609-522-3350

Ice House Restaurant: 4415 Park Blvd, Wildwood, 609-522-0033

Jake’s Steaks: 2501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, 609-522-3900

Joe’s Fish & Chips: 2501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, 609-522-3900

Jumbo’s Grub & Pub: 3604 Schellenger Ave, Wildwood, 609-729-3700

Keenan’s Irish Pub: 117 Olde NJ Ave, North Wildwood, 609-729-3344

Mack’s Pizza: 4200 Boardwalk, Wildwood, 609-522-6166

Marvis Diner: 4900 Pacific Ave, Wildwood, 609-522-0550

Maui’s Dog House: 806 NJ Ave, North Wildwood, 609-846-0444

MudHen Brewing Company: 127 W. Rio Grande Ave, Wildwood, 609-846-7918

North End American Grill: 206 Olde NJ Ave, North Wildwood, 609-463-5691

North Shore Bar & Kitchen: 301 New York Ave, North Wildwood, 609-522-7759

Owen’s Pub: 119 E. 17th Ave, North Wildwood, 609-729-7290

PigDog Beach Bar & BBQ: 3501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, 609-522-3900

Poppi’s Brick Oven Pizza : 4709 NJ Ave, Wildwood, 609-600-3964

Ravioli House: 102 E. Bennett Ave, Wildwood, 609-522-7894

Salty Mermaid: 2507 Delaware Ave, North Wildwood, 609-600-2165

Seaport Pier: 2201 Boardwalk, North Wildwood

The Deck at Holly Beach: 3401 Pacific Ave, Wildwood, 609-522-6100

The Dock: 10 Lake Rd, West Wildwood, 609-770-8303

The Establishment at 100: 100 Olde NJ Ave, North Wildwood, 609-523-8100

The Inlet on Olde: 101 E. Walnut Ave, North Wildwood, 609-600-2799

The Surfing Pig: 231 W. 10th Ave, North Wildwood, 609-522-0900

The Wharf: 708 W. Burke Ave, Wildwood, 609-522-6336

The Wild Burrito: 4020 Ocean Ave, Wildwood, 609-729-9453

Outdoor dining is unique way to enjoy dining in the Wildwoods. With amazing food, cool breezes, and phenomenal views, there’s nothing like it. The Wildwoods offers restaurants and menus for every appetite, every budget and virtually every taste. From fresh seafood and Mexican fajitas to Chinese egg rolls and Italian cuisine, the Wildwoods have something for everyone.

A growing number of gourmet restaurants are located throughout the five-mile island, each of them garnering superb reviews from critics and patrons alike. The Wildwoods’ upscale restaurants offer memorable surroundings, remarkable cuisine and attentive service for a perfect evening touched with romance, candlelight and delectable food.

There are also plenty of child-friendly dining options spread across the five-mile island. For example, the Wildwoods Boardwalk offers everything from hamburgers and hotdogs to French fries and pizza.

No matter how full you are after dinner, it’s hard to forget about all of the dessert options offered throughout the Wildwoods. Who can resist a box of homemade fudge or a banana split sundae made with homemade ice cream? What about a fresh funnel cake or a fried Oreo from the Boardwalk? Or a smooth milkshake from one of the Wildwoods’ Doo-Wop style diners? There are so many dessert options in the Wildwoods, it’s no surprise some people skip dinner and go right for the sweet stuff!

GWTIDA is working collectively with the island’s municipalities, the Greater Wildwood Hotel and Motel Association (GWHMA), the Wildwood Business Improvement District (WBID), the Wildwood Special Improvement District (WSID), and the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce to encourage them to implement initiatives among the destination’s businesses and attractions to enhance the safety of employees and guests as the Wildwoods gradually re-open. These include increased intensive sanitizing protocols, social distancing procedures and expanded restaurant seating onto the sidewalks and parking lots allowing for social distancing while dining. And, of course, our wide spacious beaches allow plenty of room to stretch out and practice social distancing.

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